So the cliché goes; it can feel lonely at the top. The big decisions. The need to grow, stabilise or exit. The what next, where next. The who next.

But it doesn’t have to feel that way. Sometimes those outside can help with what’s going on inside. They see things from different perspectives. With different experiences. With different opinions.

Imagine having access to someone who’s there. When you need them. With no agenda. No self interest. Just there to help you, your leadership team and your business realise untapped potential and deliver success.

That’s Vivid Grey. I harness the vibrancy of wise minds and thought provoking ideas. The experience of business leaders and thought leaders. And I’m there for you. With success and failure under my belt. From big business and small enterprise. I’ve got an instinct for leadership and business.

So I use probing questions, perceptive challenge and a considered tenacity. Balanced with wise counsel, reflective deliberation and empathetic support. All to encourage dynamic progress, change and growth.

If you’re ready to go beyond and truly thrive. To see your world through the lens of bright experience, I’m here. We’re here.

Thoughtful leadership. Thriving businesses.

Mike Ader

I am seen as a catalyst for change – working closely with CEOs/MDs and their Boards or Senior Leadership Teams, assisting them to become stronger, accelerating development and growth, transforming their companies and helping create more fulfilling lives for themselves and their employees.

I was an owner, director, MD or Partner for 26 years across food, drink, agriculture, retail, wholesale, packaging and consultancy, in corporates and SMEs before becoming a Coach, Mentor, Advisor & NED.


Imagine having access to someone who listens. Really listens. Then responds from a place of rich and diverse business experience, to help you tune your thinking.

That’s Vivid Grey.

There's Potential

Wasted resource. No one wants it. Imagine how much of your resource is wasted or potential that’s left untapped because it’s hard to see.
Vivid Grey taps into you and your business, encouraging and supporting you to step back and work on the business, rather than just in it.

Offering a different perspective and perceptive challenge. Helping you find and unlock untapped potential, to let success flow.

To the core

We get our teeth in. Right under the skin. We have to if we’re to get to the core of you, your business and the challenges you face.

Then we use our special blend of probing questions, perceptive challenge, wise counsel and realistic optimism to sow the seeds for your progress.

Square root

Working your way through the challenges of running a successful business can be mind boggling.

Vivid Grey see things from equal sides. Different sides. So you get a different perspective and objective challenge, alongside inspiring insight and wise counsel.


Mike is an extremely knowledgeable and approachable individual whose business sense is second to none. His desire to help others is rarely seen in the world today and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking business help.
Mark King
MD 2bm
Having had Mike as my business coach for many years has been profoundly transformational and has given me access to learn so much from many talented people, as well as broadening my horizon and knowledge across a variety of industries and leadership styles. As a result, I had the guidance to successfully overcome many challenges, learnt so many new skills that have benefited my business and management team, and really matured as a leader. Mike is always on hand to help with anything...anytime! If I ever have a business issue, or just need a great sounding board, I can always rely on Mike for fantastic advice and coaching. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone that wants to take a big step in growing and developing their business in a positive and sustainable way. He truly is one of a kind!
Steve Tulba
MD Inspecs UK
Mike is a caring and hardworking business coach. Benefitting from a deep knowledge of the workings of many businesses provides Mike with broad, deep and very relevant experience, and that certainly helps me with the challenges faced in my many conundrums! Mike has become both a valuable resource and a trusted friend.
Colin F. Wilde
MD at Castle Rock Brewery
Mike is a superbly organised leader and consummate business coach. He is able to sense a suitable level of challenge in coaching sessions and push for positive changes in a supportive way.
John Knight
CEO Isle of Man Hospice
I have worked with Mike for over 7 years . He is a great chap and easy to get on with , but with the forensic intensity that can be withering. If you work with Mike, do not expect an easy ride, what you will get, is put in a position where you are questioning what you do, how you do it and why you do it, constantly. As I have said, Mike is a good bloke, but do not expect it always to be will be challenging and difficult, but well worth it. I am not exaggerating when I say that working with Mike has changed entirely, how I think about business matters and is an important factor in our current success.
Paul Chaplin
CEO R A Cowens and Partners
A personable, enthusiastic and highly knowledgeable peer. I have had the pleasure of being professionally coached by Mike for nearly 5 years and found his advice hugely beneficial……motivational and always challenging the status quo. Navigating the complexities of senior management and corporate governance has been made easier both knowing Mike and through him, other leaders.
Dave Connor
CEO RVL Aviation Group